Engineering & Design

Our key to success continues to be innovative product concepts and market adaptability. Most companies in today's market claim to offer customization.

What separates us at ETI from our competitors.

We have been referred by industries experts and partner with several Fortune 500 companies in an effort to provide viable solutions to designs and market opportunities (see customer list).

Here are a few examples

  • On a strict timeline; designed and developed a hyrid network rack/enclosures for the biggest search engine company in the world. The product was prototyped and approved for glabal distribution withing 6 weeks.

  • In another case; we designed and developed and tested an overhead aisle structure for a prominent U.S. company-which is now offered in their catalog

  • One of our industry leading customers came to us after running out of time trying to work with two other competitors that claimed to have a solution. We entered the project directly in the critical path and within 4 weeks designed and developed custom oversized sliding and swing doors for the modular data center populated and owned by the largest software company in the world.

  • Designed and developed a family of tool-less ganging products for Hewlett Packard data center.

The kits are unique in that they allow for interchangeability with 7 different racks although there are a minimum of features on each rack to allow ganging the racks together

Details and references are available upn request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (800) 973-1903.

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