Design Engineering

Design & prototyping energy efficient enclosures, aisle containment systems and air flow management systems for advanced data centers.  ETI also provides energy profiling and utility audit capabilities.


Server & Network Racks

ETI Corp is a leading product and service provider to all sectors utilizing rack/enclosure technologies.

blanking panels

Containment Systems & Accessories

Patented metal tool-less blanking panels, 1U to 15U.  Buy what is right and increase containment efficiency.


Rack Flexibility Made Easy

The 19" Standard Rack Cabinet is one of the core components in the IT environment.  As more and more IT equipment manufacturers design rack mounted products, their demands on the 19" rack intensify.

The ETI Arion series is a 19" enclosure platform with superior strength, optimal air flow in a high density server rack.  Standard heights from 42, 45 and 47U.

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Network Series Racks

Series 800W Network Racks

Application : Arion rack 800W series: Vendor neutral and highly versatile 19" rack provides quality solutions for a wide variety of IT and Data Center applications.


  • High quality cost effective solution.
  • Minimum 800 kg static load rated for basic rack.
  • Contoured high density perforated door exceeds major IT equipment air flow requirements.
  • Provides extensive work space for cable management.
  • Light weight and strong.
  • Split level side panels provide convenient access to installed equipment.
  • Depth adjustable 19" vertical mounting rails in 6.35 mm increments.
  • "U" numbers printed on 19" rails.
  • Knock down design for efficient shipping.
  • Quick assembly time, approximately 25 minutes.
  • Quick release, field reversible doors.
  • Flexible packing methods allows convenient stocking and end user delivery.
  • Multiple sizes available.
  • Customization requests welcome.

Standard and Materials

  • Dimensions conform to EIA-310E, IEC-60297-2 .
  • Five stage iron-phosphate pretreatment with textured powder coat finish, tested to 500 hours salt spray under ASTM-D610-01 and ASTM-B117.
  • Standard color is low gloss textured black.
  • Premium grade Hot and Cold rolled steel sheet.
  • Designed and Manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001.
  • All materials RoHS compliant.


Please call or email for spec sheets:

831-331-6045, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Colocation Series Racks


Application :The Colocation Series provides an excellent solution for facilities and data centers which offer colocation hosting services.

Available in 2, 3 and 4 compartment configurations, our Colo rack provides complete integrity between compartments, plus optimized cable and air management



  • Lockable doors equipped with standard swing handle or 3-digit combination lock with key overide.
  • Heavy duty 1000 kgs load rated
  • High density perforated doors provide expanded total open area for proper air flow.
    • 2 Door compartment ๏ฟฝ 512 sq in
    • 3 Door compartment ๏ฟฝ 333 sq in
    • 4 Door compartment ๏ฟฝ 246 sq in
  • Fan tray option can be mounted to doors.
  • Field reversible doors with 135 degree opening radius.
  • Sealed cable channels accessible only to individual user.
  • Depth adjustable 19" mounting rails with U number printed on rails.
  • Optional security panel can replace side panel when two or more cabinets are bayed together.



Dimensions (W x D x H) :
600 x 1000 42U

2 Compartment model :21 U
3 Compartment model :14 U
4 Compartment model :10 U

Complies to : EIA310-E and IEC-60297-1,2

Material : High grade cold rolled steel

Finish : 5-stage iron phosphate pretreatment followed by tough scratch resistant powder coat paint.

Color : Black



Please call or email for spec sheets:

831-331-6045, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seismic Cabinet Series


Application :The Atlas Seismic cabinet provides the ideal solution for installations requiring NEBS Zone 4 certified cabinets. Atlas is certified to support a 550 Kgs., load under Zone 4 conditions. With 1,000 mm. depth and minimum 1,004 sq. inches open area on the perforated doors, you have both the rack space and air flow to properly house most of today's servers and related 19" equipment


  • Secure environment
  • Earthquake Zone 4 compliant by MET Laboratories, USA
  • Load Rating : 550 Kgs. (1,210 lbs.), higher than many other leading cabinets
  • Multiple cable access points; top,base and side
  • Four 19" Mounting Rails with multiple depth settings
  • "U" markings silk screened on the 19" mounting rails
  • Superior thermal management provided by high density perforation patterns with 1,004 sq. inches open area
  • Front door opening of 135 degrees
  • Split rear door to reduce overall footprint
  • Gross weight with doors and panels of 205 Kgs. (451 lbs.)

Height :

 NEBS Telcordia GR-63-CORE
 ANSI T1.329-2002 and T1.336-2003
EIA310-E , IEC-60297-2

Material :
High-grade cold and hot rolled steel
All materials RoHS compliant

Finishing :
5 stage iron phosphate pretreatment followed by tough
scratch resistant powder coat paint

Color :
Low gloss black



Please call or email for spec sheets:

831-331-6045, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Open Fame Series


Application : The Cyberack Open Frame series provides the ideal solution for high density cabling needs. The Cyberack Open Frame series IV is a four post design for heavy duty installations.

The Open Rack Series is designed for patch panel and high density cabling requirements.

Note : see our Wall Mount Open Frame Series for small installations.


  • Can be bolted to floor (need optional bracket)
  • Conforms to EIA310-E, IEC-60297-2 standard
  • Maximum access for cable management and equipment maintenance
  • Range of shelves and accessories available
  • Jacking Feet
  • Caster rated 250 kg/wheel

    Size :
  • Available in 27, 39, 42 and 45U heights.
  • Depth adjustable




Please call or email for spec sheets:

831-331-6045, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wall Mount Series


Our WallNet model forms the basis of the 19" wall mountable cabinet range. High grade materials, thoughtful design and ease of assembly are combined in these versatile cabinets. In certain environments, a free standing cabinet is not the best solution. Our WallNet offers a viable alternative.


Architecture :
The wall mount series will accomodate any standard 19" rack mounted device. Fully adjustable vertical mounting rails allows for precise configuration of your equipment. Two depth and four heights provide a range of cabinets to match your specific requirements.

WallNet : Sturdy design 500 mm deep available in 9U, 12U, 15U and 18U, 6U version available at 350 mm deep.

Efficiency :
Network peripherals often must be dispersed over a wide area and in many unique locations. Utilizing a wall mounted cabinet provides the benefits of a standard 19" Rack, but with greater economy of space and budget.

Security :
No need to compromise on security because your installation environment does not allow a full size cabinet. wall mounts feature lockable doors and internally secured panels.

Accessibility :
Our reversible doors permit left or right hand installation. Cable openings are provided on the top and bottom panels.

Expandability :
Additional depth can be obtained by installation of our extension kits. These lift off hinge extensions come in 70, 100 or 140 mm depths.

Standard :
Conforms to EIA310-E Type A, IEC-60297



Please call or email for spec sheets:

831-331-6045, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mid-Aisle Sliding Doors

mid-aisle sliders

Double "Mid Aisle" Sliding Doors allow for easy passage on long aisles without having to walk to aisle ends to move through several aisles. These doors have maximum translucent paneling which allows as much light to pass through as possible. Pocket pull feature allows easy opening and closing from either side. The door assemblies are easy to install.
In addition, the panels can be easily replaced on site should they become damaged. The door set shown is 72 inches wide x 108 inch heigth! Light weight yet strong; providing an excellent seal where they butt together! The brushes mounted on the base, seal off the passage while allowing easy in door gliding.
Finish: Tough scratch resistant Powder Coating. Black is standard-Antique White is shown- A wide range of colors are available.

Engineered Designs

  design engineering

Design Engineering

ETI engineering staff have decades of product engineering experience across multiple industries.  Our expertise is in providing solutions to our customer's unique manufacturing challenges.

Utility Rate Optimization


demand side management

Utility Bill Audits & Rate Optimization

Take an Active Energy Management approach to efficiently manage energy usage, optimize utility rate structures, and realize sustained reductions of energy costs.

nxcenter-containment    January 2013

A current design win and implementation at a new advanced data center within the USA.  ETI designs, prototypes, manufactures and installs cold aisle containment solutions for our US partner  - NxGen Modular, San Jose, CA 95131

See the article - http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2012/03/21/nxgen-making-waves-in-the-modular-market/

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