About ETI Corp

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Enclosure Technology Intl is a provider of Data Center energy saving products and services.  Serving the Bay Area for over 35 years server racks, panels, enclosures and custom design containment structures and accessories. Our focus is enclosure design engineering based on realtime data tracking to maximize energy savings for our customers.  Each of our clients plays in a unique space with unique challenges and opportunities. Our Engineering Services and Engineering staff thrives on product development to achieve business objectives within each of those unique sets of parameters. Our team are seasoned & highly recognized in the rackmount industry and Silicon Valley.



The company’s Founder and CEO fosters an environment of excitement about the challenges and ever changing opportunities facing the Data Center Industry. Product development and introduction are on-going staples of the ETI organization.


ETI Corp services utilized by our Fortune 500 customers: Consulting, analysis, design engineering, testing and collaboration.

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Watsonville, California 95076